9th Street Historical Park – Denver

Before the Shelter in Place order came out, my husband and I decided to take a walk to the west side of downtown Denver. I’d wanted to revisit this charming row, and wasn’t disappointed! This is just a brief glimpse of this area – without people it was serene!

East Side 9th Street Park
The houses along the east side of the Street
West Side of Park
Northwest Corner of the 9th Avenue Park. 1873 – the Davis House – home to Flour Mill owner – Charles Roger Davis.
Built 1872. Reportedly had a well in the cellar. One of the daughters slipped in, and had to be hauled up by a rope.
Mansard Roof 9th
1880 – The Rundle House. Rundle was the manager of Colorado Electric. The roof was added as a later edition, designed by Frank E. Edbrooke – architect of the Brown Palace Hotel.
1885 Witte House

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