Artist in Residence at Caribou Ranch

So quiet and beautiful

BlueBird Mine Boarding House Brothel

Porch and boardwalk at the BlueBird Mine Boarding House

Time Well-Spent in Nature

The meadow at the DeLonde Homestead is so gorgeous









My favorite picture of my time spent at the DeLonde Homestead in the Caribou Ranch was the “Blue Evening”. The entire space had such a beautiful and tranquil feel that it was really possible to connect with the land. Overlooking the meadow, the changing light was fascinating.

In the “Blue Evening” photo the flowers carpeting the land are pronounced. In the middle of the day, the colors washed away.

I was thrilled to be awarded this residency. One of my primary reasons for applying for this opportunity was that I wanted to experience what it might feel like to live on the land a hundred years ago. It was a rare experience. When the occasional group of hikers passed by it was a reminder that modern life went on only a short distance away.

Cloudy first day – atmospheric. Reminded me of Fog Magic

Still beautiful, the colors mute.

The first day was sheeting rain, that would occasionally lift.

It cocooned the DeLonde Ranch in clouds, silent except for the calling of birds overhead and from the nearby trees and aspen stands.

The following morning came, clear and fair.

It was the meadow that struck me the most (although I loved the BlueBird Mine). It was a land that cried out for horses. It turns out that the deleted Ranch was the first Arabian Horse Ranch in Colorado. Perhaps it was the spirit of the horses long past that called to me. I don’t know.

My nostalgia for the past came into a different perspective during the time I spent. Although the accommodations were nice, it wasn’t entirely easy. But one hundred years ago – my modernized experience staying in the barn was luxury indeed.



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