The Beaten Territory (Historical Fiction) signed with Five Star Publishing

The Beaten Territory (Historical Fiction) signed with Five Star Publishing
Staged Wild Women

Fun picture from the 1890s. The is a staged view of wild women  – upon closer inspection, it looks like even the ‘men’ are ladies as well!

Colorado Historical Fiction (with basis in fact).

1890’s Denver.

Complete with Prostitution, Laudanum, Corruption and Murder! What could be nicer? The scheduled publication date is October 15, 2017 – stay tuned. Based on an actual Denver family who ran operations on Market Street. Not for the faint of heart, it is a honest and accurate portrayal for the rougher side of life in the western frontier. I made sure of it!

People today might not know it, but Denver was a shady place at its inception. The west was not always an upstanding place, and Denver is it’s proof. City Hall and the police force were corrupt, and had their pockets lined by the proceeds of vice. Kick backs and sham “fees” were a fact of life for saloon keepers, bordellos and prostitutes. There were many of gambling halls (known as ‘hells’) lining Larimer Street . Money  money was lifted off of the unwary, the drunk and the naive.  Businesses that profited from vice paid a lot of dubious protection money. Cons were on the make from the likes of Soapy Smith and other swindlers.  Market Street  (formerly known as Halliday Street ) was the center of the vice district. The Halliday family made the city remove their name from the shadiest street in Denver, and the name was changed to Market.

Denver was deemed to have one of the largest rid-light districts west of the Mississippi – and a lot of gold and silver fueled a lot of bad behavior. When the silver crash of 1894 happened, it calmed down – but just a bit – as fortunes were ruined almost over night.

Not much is left of those old traces as buildings have disappeared under the name of progress and development; but a walk along both Larimer and Market Streets today does offer glimpses into the not so distant past.

Denver was always up for a good time – especially in the lower streets.


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