Chasing Ghosts around Virginia City – Buildings and Atmosphere

Building - typical Virginia City Saloon

Another Fancy Light Fixture

Mining Town History is great off the beaten path! 

Traveling through the expanse of the Nevada (staying well away from Las Vegas) is to take a journey back into the past. Let’s face it – as one of my friends says “Nevada is well weird”.

So it is, and I love it!

My first exposure to hidden Nevada was a trip to Virginia City. Landing in Reno and armed with a reservation for three nights, my initial excitement with the buildings quickly turned into “oh, dear, what have I done?”

I took a look at the tourist shops, the throngs of tourists (and man it was hot), and my heart sank. But it needn’t have. After fortifying myself with lunch, I stopped at the Visitor Center and got my bearings. Then I got off the main street, and in the process learned a valuable lesson. The lesson is to look past the crowds and the souvenir shops, and start exploring. Talk to people who live there to see what they like best about their town!

Haunted stairway? Washoe Club Building

Lath and Plaster Stairway – Washoe Club Building

Old Mine Structures and Buildings

Yellow Jacket Mine in Gold Hill, NV. 35 miners perished in underground fire.

Virginia City Mansion Building

Ulysses S. Grant gave a speech off of this balcony!

Places to Visit:

St. Mary’s Art Center (formerly a hospital). This large building has art installations and a few ghosts, I would wager.

The MacKay Mansion – Mr. MacKay was a hero to many people of Virginia City, and he was wealthy beyond belief, but never forgot those less fortunate.

The Washoe Club – Supposedly haunted. Go for the architecture, and if you catch a ghost on film – bonus!

9th Ward School – great exhibits in a wonderful old building.

The Cemetery – great fences around some of the graves.

Each mining town has its own personality, and it is important to relax and take your time to let the past reveal itself to you. You’ll be glad that you did!