Dark & Weird West-skeletons coffins drugs death

Weird Westerns are real!

What can be more fun than to run into the unexpected? The pictures on this page came from my trip to Bodie and Virginia City Nevada. It goes without saying that I seek out “strange” places, in the name of research. Of course. I have one piece that is currently trying to find a home called “The Vampires of State Street” – which takes place in Leadville, Colorado. After this trip, however, I feel drawn to this remote, high desert area of the country. Even in Virginia City, once you get off away from the main tourist drag, there are a lot of whispering ghosts to follow….

Antique Store in Genoa Nevada

Skeleton in Coffin with shredded shroud and lining. I asked where it came from…and was told “people in their line of business run into many strange things. Sometimes its best not to ask too many questions.” Uh-huh.

Abandoned Coffins left as they were

Undertakers in Bodie California. Coffin plate on the right shows face of deceased, but hides body.

Skeleton Death Antique Store Genoa Nevada

Skeleton in Genoa Nevada Antique store. Should have taken picture from the front, but I didn’t want to outstay my welcome!

Victorian Funeral

Bodie Museum. This carriage is ornate, and has always been an expensive thing. Could miners afford this? The Victorian preoccupation with funerals is interesting to the 21st century mind.

Evidence of drug usage Bodie California

Opium, or drug, paraphernalia in the Bodie Museum. Even ‘respectable’ people did drugs to escape the hardships of life in a mining town.