Why write historical fiction?

Like these two old geezers playing cards – I have lots of ideas about short stories to pursue, travels to complete and strange history to explore.  Next short story “looking for a home” is the Vampires of State Street. The “Vamps” takes place along the back alleys in Leadville Colorado. The picture below is  a storefront in Victor Colorado.  Next door, the Fortune Club used to be a brothel and now houses a restaurant and a soda fountain – obviously tame by comparison!

I suppose I write historical fiction to make sense of remnants left behind.  I focus primarily on Colorado because it is readily available to me. My father was a great one for telling me history as we drove through the mountains and plains.  While this website is primarily focused on the Wild West, my first book is set in England, and I’m working on another set in Ireland. The funny part is that I worked in England for three years, and barely touched Attrition.  And while I went to Trinity College Dublin (long ago :-)), it has taken this long for an “Irish” story to emerge.P1020017