Featured Ghost Towns July 2016 Bodie, California

Bodie California, the “baddest” town in the west.

Ever since I heard about it, Bodie California has been high on my list to visit. Ghost towns have been one of my favorite things since childhood. Even then I was fascinated about the lives led, and the pull toward the past. I think this park would be so atmospheric in the twilight hours just as the last of the guests were leaving.  Originally the trip was scheduled for late March, but the road was impassible. Bodie is in the High Sierras, although you can’t tell by these pictures.

Abandoned House Bodie California SHP

Old table and chairs

Old Leaning Hotel Sweazy, Bodie California

Only ghosts stay there now…

Road from the parking lot, Bodie

A portion of the buildings remain

Bodie Tattered Window covering

Last vestiges of habitation.


IOOF and Saloon to the Left, Bodie

Bodie social life. Care for a drink, or to workout?

Bodie Museum - former Miner's Hall

In the museum

Abandoned Safe in tiny brick structure, Bodie

Bodie State Bank