Folklore and Ghost Stories

Origins of Folk Beliefs, Customs and Superstitions

Folklore Thursday is a great Twitter site that allows contributions from all over the globe.  It is a great repository of the wonderful and the weird. Stumbling upon this great group of people made me really appreciate the wide variety of information that Twitter hosted. Weekly contents include posts on archaeology, anthropology, witchcraft, artwork and many other interesting facets of the past.
Here are some of my contributions (text is now expanded because there is no character limitations!)

January 18, 2017

Mirrors viewed by solely by  candlelight reflects you – and any entities such as ghosts or malevolent spirits inhabiting your home. When you see them, they see you and …you get the picture. I lived in a haunted house once, and I can tell you that this is something I would NOT have tried.

Mirror – Peabody Essex Museum period houses – Salem, MA

Spring-heeled Jack – Strange folkloric character terrorized London in 1830s with his strange, diabolical leaping abilities. One reader also informed me that he also terrorized the English midlands. He called the area the ‘Blacklands’ – due to the fact that during the Industrial Revolution soot coated the countryside. Now it is difficult to imagine how a leaping man could have scared people so deeply that it is etched in history – but that is what happened.

Artist’s rendition of Spring-heeled Jack

Ivy said to cure drunkenness! Also if ivy didn’t grow on a grave the corpse was restless/abroad. This picture was taken in Bully’s Acre, Dublin – a cemetery near the Kilmainham Hospital. Tweets (or posts) addressing booze, drunkeness and the like are very popular.  Whatever you do, do NOT eat/drink etc. ivy…

Bully’s Acre, Dublin, Ireland

Mummies @ ’s . Rub finger on Knight (left) brings good fortune. The mummies of St. Michan’s are interesting.  According to local beliefs, one mummy is a nun, one  a thief (he is missing a hand) and one a Knight (from the Templars).  Likewise, it is also believed or suggested that these very vaults might have influenced Bram Stoker – the author of Dracula.

The Mummies at St. Michan’s – Dublin, Ireland

An estimated 99% of Bolivian houses have a llama fetus in their foundations. Image joniinbolivia

Dried Llama fetuses at the Witch’s Market – La Paz Bolivia