Fortune tellers and gypsies

Women Making their own Rules (1870s -1920s) and why I don’t tell my own fortunes

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1870’s Fortune Teller

Looking through vintage photographs of women who are quite clearly not following the established normals of ‘proper behavior’ has always made me happy. Probably that points to a feeling that I’ve had since I was young, that I was ‘different’.

When I am writing a short story or working on a novel, I find myself drawn to such characters. Right now, I am working on the story of a clairvoyant on the Wild West. Due to the subject matter, I find myself surfing the web, and Pinterest has come up with some truly great inspiration. Some of these pictures are so great, I just have to share!


Wild Woman Smoking

One writing class that I took suggested that the writers collect pictures of their main characters, locations, etc. So toward that end…I must add that a lot of the women who posed for these antique photographs were famous actresses – others were, ahem, subject to speculation!