History on Horseback – a ride in South Park Colorado

Near old Pioneer Cemetery

Wonderful Horseback Ride on a Summer Day

Last weekend, I had the change to go on a half day ride. Not expecting much more than scenery, I was delighted to find historical traces of the people who populated South Park before – namely the Utes and the white settlers.  Back away from the ranch gates, out first stop was atop a high plateau. Darker teepee circles still remained, amazingly! They don’t really come out in photographs, but the guide explained that  different grasses had grown back over time where the teepees had once flattened them out. Around some perimeters were remaining stones, and even discarded tools. The plateau was the location of the Ute’s summer camp.

Another view of the Stage Coach Stop South Platte Ranch

Horse Waiting for a Rider – South Platte Ranch


Further down into the valley, we ran into “workers” cabins hidden from view in the trees, along with an old stage stop (ruts still visible in the ground), and old pioneer cemetery with a half-cross and a hanging tree.

It is such a treat just to get to stumble across such relics.




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