Attrition – Historical Novel WW1 England


WW1 photograph – hauntingly sad

Historical Fiction Novel looking for a Home


Attrition attracted a good deal of agent interest, but has yet to find a home. Set in England, if asked to describe the primary theme – I would have to say it is “beware of ambition.”

Based on agent feedback, the book was re-worked from a first-person to third-person POV, and the story is opening up to include that of Rennie, Honor’s husband.

What did the women do while the men were off fighting in the trenches of WWI? Not all of them played by the rules and stayed at home awaiting their return. Attrition is the story of an ambitious young woman who seizes her chance at a better life during the upheaval of war. Defying convention, she ruthlessly pursues her own agenda—she will infiltrate the upper class or lose everything trying. Through a series of deceptions and calculated risks, she manages a society marriage that shatters before it truly begins. When Honor’s husband returns home disfigured from shrapnel, she is trapped in a domestic battle where her behavior leads to surprising and disastrous consequences.