Remaining Traces of Brothels, Cribs and “The Life”

Current traces of the oldest profession (and some old photos, too)

This page will grow and change as time goes on.

Right now I am busily combing through my twitter posts on this specific subject. It is incredibly hard to find the last traces of prostitution in the “Wild West”. The parlor house buildings were often converted into other purposes, the cribs were probably the first to be bulldozed in the name of eradication of vice…the list goes on. The prostitutes themselves are difficult to trace because the often worked using a multitude of made-up names to spare their family’s shame. People who owned brothels, parlor houses and cribs were not keen to advertise the fact that a lot of their wealth came from the dirty money of vice.

#ColoradoHistory #Victor Sunnyside graveyard. Grave of French prostitute named Blanche LeCoq. Her cabin @ CC Museum