Rocky Mountain Land Library – Buffalo Peak Ranch, Garo Colorado

Connecting with the Land and with our shared Heritage.

I was asked to give a blurb on the FABULOUS Rocky Mountain Land Library – and I came up with something along the lines of a yearning to connect with the land and our past. But it goes deeper than that. First of all, this is the dream child of Jeff and Anne Lee who envision a place where writers, readers and other artists can gather to form a deeper bond with the land. They obtained the land lease to this ranch and have started the arduous task of securing the buildings and creating a shared space for community. How cool is that?  The various rooms of the ranch house have books and places for sitting to read and soak in the atmosphere.

This site is a work in progress, with a strong nod to preserving the past. There is abundant space, birds, and rolling hills and wide open skies.

Personally, I plan on supporting this endeavor any way that I can.

Being there for one day for a writing workshop (hosted by William Haywood Henderson) had a profound affect on me. And I’m still thinking about it, and trying to place it in context.

HIGHLY recommended.  Right now, I think it is primarily open on Saturdays – but you can reach them through Facebook to check.



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