Updated Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction Lists

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Recommended Reading Lists – American West Frontier

Historical Frontier Fiction and its non-fiction counterparts have always held a special place in my heart. For some time it has niggled at me that I haven’t been able to find a suggested reading list of good assembled in one place, including Good Reads.  I will admit to a special partiality to book written by women, but its just a bias. Obviously, Frontier Fiction, and Western Non-Fiction books apply to my areas of interest. The grittier the better. Admittedly, some of my interests are off-beat, and I have attempted to be more inclusive than just my favorite topics of prostitution, land grabs, ghosts, drug usage and other unsavory aspects of the Western Frontier experience. I have listed my favorites, and not-so favorites, that I used/encountered for the background in the BEATEN TERRITORY.

If you see some omissions of book that you like, I am always interested in hearing suggestions.  Feel free to suggest additions, and I’ll check them out!

Currently I am reading Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry, a Pulitzer Prize winner. So far the verdict is the writing is beautiful…but it’s a bit slow for me.

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