Randi Samuelson-Brown Author



The BEATEN TERRITORY – Historical Fiction –  Five Star Publishing. 2017. Nominated for CAL Genre Fiction and Wheatridge Reads. Tattered Cover staff pick.

Upcoming: The Bad Old Days of Colorado – Non-Fiction – TwoDot Publishing. May 1,   2020.

Upcoming: Five Star Anthology – Publication date November 18, 2019.


Looking back over time, from when I started this site in 2015 until today (2019) – a lot has certainly happened. The BEATEN TERRITORY came out and continues to do well. When I was attending the Western Writers of America Conference in Billings last June, I had the pleasure of not just meeting other (fabulous!) authors, but Erin Turner who signed The Bad Old Days of Colorado.

This all came about when I entered the LAURA contest sponsored by Women Writing the West – and an Honorable Mention set me on the path to publication. I pitched to the very patient Tiffany Schofield of Five Star Publishing – it had to be the worst pitch in history. She about had to pull it out of me! She gave me encouragement, and became the acquiring editor of The BEATEN TERRITORY.

The point of all of this is that a beginning is a beginning, and I’m grateful! Little could I imagine just what would develop. I still write a few short stories, as much to entertain myself as anything else. Writers conferences offer great chances to meet other authors and to present, I also teach the occasional class at the Colorado Free University.

I figured that I would always write short stories and work on novels, but  the other opportunities that have come along. Non-fiction was a happy surprise – but here’s the chance to put my history degree to work.

One of the promises I made to the universe, was that if I ever managed to get published, I would support small museums and regional libraries.  I’ve been invited to speak at many such places and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, I hope to get the opportunity of meeting more fine people in the region.

If I were to give out any advice, it would be to pay attention to the craft of writing. I’m afraid there are no shortcuts. The other advice would be to join critique groups and to attend writer’s conferences to learn the business of writing.

Current memberships include: Women Writing the West, Western Writers of America, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Colorado Author’s League and Wyoming Writers.

My interests are historical preservation, mourning jewelry, traveling and exploring ruins (castles, mining structures, old houses – you name it).